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Linpeas, Pspy & GTFObins
Must have tools for privesc Linpeas, Psyp and GTFObins. Most people are probably familiar with these programs and GTFObins but anyway.

Here is the link to GTFObins: GTFObins is a list of Unix binaries that can be used in privesc if there are any misconfigurations. Windows version: LOLBAS.

Here is the link to Pspy (download the compiled binarys 64bit & 32bit):
Pspy is used to monitor what other users are doing for example if you are a 1000 user you can see if root is running some sus cronjob that you can exploit.

Link to Linpeas:
Linpeas is used to enumerate and find outdated/vulnerable binarys etc. Windows version: Winpeas.

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Linpeas, Pspy & GTFObins - by 0xgh64 - 09-08-2022, 06:13 AM

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